Sydney is a growing and thriving city, and as the real estate market in Sydney continues to evolve, new homes offer an opportunity to enjoy modern living in a dynamic urban environment. 

Benefits of Building a New Home:


The sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction that comes with designing and building your dream home can be immensely rewarding, and we love being a part of that every day. 


Building a new home allows you to design and customise the house according to your specific preferences and requirements. You have control over the layout, finishes, and features, ensuring the home meets your exact needs.

Energy Efficiency and Modern Amenities

You can incorporate the latest energy-efficient technologies and materials into the construction, potentially reducing long-term utility costs and environmental impact. You can also include the latest home technologies and amenities, such as smart home systems, advanced security features, and energy-efficient appliances.


With everything brand new, maintenance requirements are typically lower in the initial years, saving you time and money compared to older homes.


Building your own home gives you more flexibility in choosing the location, allowing you to find the ideal block of land in your desired community. 

Drafting is a crucial part of creating and designing a new home, and our draftsmen will work in harmony with both your style & needs, and other professionals such as engineers and surveyors. 

Designing a new home with Sydney Drafting typically follows this process:


The draftsman starts by understanding the client’s requirements and creating initial design concepts. They consider factors like the number of rooms, layout, style, and any specific design preferences.


Once the initial design is approved, the draftsman creates detailed technical drawings and plans. These include floor plans, elevations, cross-sections, and other necessary documents.


Draftsmen ensure that the design complies with local building codes, zoning regulations, and other legal requirements, and are able to assist you in lodging appropriate documents with local councils. 


Our draftsmen will collaborate closely with builders and engineers to refine the design and address any structural or functional concerns.

If you’re interested in taking the first step to designing the house of your dreams, please don’t hesitate to get in contact today. 

Get the Perfect Design for Your New Home in Wollongong.

New Sydney single storey house plans

Single Storey

Here our draftsmen worked with excited owners to design a single storey house, with 2-3 beds and a garage, with the neat yet rustic style they had imagined. 

New Sydney double or two storey house plans

Two Storey

This impressive two storey house featured 3 + beds, a double garage, modern finishes, and an alfresco dining area to captilise on the beautiful ocean view these owners enjoyed. 

New Sydney multiple house plans

Multiple Storey or Custom

This multiple storey house was designed from the ground up for excited clients who wanted a unique yet sun-filled layout. 


Sydney Drafting is made up of both trades people and building designers, meaning our house plans work. They have been drawn by designers, with builders in mind.